Uncontrolled sand production poses a major problem for oil &gas operators. It costs operators billion of dollars in loss of production and high facilities maintenance costs. The risk of production loss can be eliminated by installing a continuous sand/solid separation system. This can be applied near the source of sand production i.e. at wellhead or upstream of production separator vessel. Removing these solids at or near the wellhead (upstream of the process facilities) offers a number of advantages:
  • Protects equipment from erosion damage
  • Prevents solids build up in vessels and pipelines
  • Prevents sand damaging valve seats
  • Overall risk reduction to on production
  • Reduces the need for vessel entry Desander Package

The ProDesander™ Cyclone solids-separation package removes sand from multi-phase well streams applicable for all gas liquid ratios from 100% liquid to 100% gas. The ProDesander™ are engineered to ensure maximum operating envelope and separation efficiency.