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ProClamp™ Engineered Clamp for Leak Repair

Piping, Pipeline, Flanges And Valves

ProClamp™ effectively integrating three attributes of online leak sealing technology: clamp, sealant and injection tools.

ProClamp™ is designed to contain the leak point by introducing higher pressure than leaking system pressure by hydraulic injection tools to fill the clamp cavity with ProSeal™ sealant compound.

ProSeal™ sealant compound are capable of covering leaks within a wide range of temperatures and pressures, also compatible with most type of chemicals acids.


● Applied on-line without shutdown
● No surface preparation required
● Cold work
● Instant Repair
● Removable / Reusable


● Strengthening
● Straight Pipe Leak Repair
● Tee, Elbow, Reducer Leak Repair
● Valve Leak Repair
● Flange Leak Repair

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  Download Product Brochure

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