Nuts & Bolts Protection

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Flange Protection System

CorroCap™ & FlangeShield™

CorroCap™ has all the ideal characteristics that make it the obvious choice in nuts and bolts protection. It incorporates a unique one-way valve that allows air, water and excess inhibitors to escape, creating a near-vacuum seal hence protecting the nuts and bolts in a corrosion inhibiting environment

FlangeShield™ employs a non-toxic, non-flammable, non-VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) and environmentally safe material. It is a rust converting compound designed specifically for use in the marine environment. This material is pre-heated to lower its viscosity which will allow it to penetrate into all the crevices.

To provide long-term corrosion protection, CorroCap™ is installed along with DP-180 a formulation of modified waxes containing corrosion inhibitors. When applied with Corrocilin (a rust converting and preventing agent) CorroCap™ offers a total solution to the mitigation of bolts and nuts corrosion.

Controlling corrosion on flanges is an important operational task in the industry as multiple crevices and annular spaces exists in the body of the flange and at the sealing faces. Nuts and bolts are exposed to mechanical damage during assembly and are difficult to coat as adequate surface preparation is virtually impossible. IOSV™ Flange Protection System was specifically designed and manufactured as a solution to this long-standing problem.


Product Characteristics



● Made of top quality non-flammable silicone rubber
● Flexible, reusable and designed to fit nuts and bolts sized ½” to 3 ½”
● 18 standard sizes
● Will not harden under UV exposure
● Withstands heat up to 150°C


● Wax based non-toxic, non-flammable, non-VOC and environmentally safe
● Complete protection for crevices and annular spaces from corrosion
● Offers total and long-lasting protection for flanges, nuts and bolts when used with CorroCap.

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  Download Product Brochure

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