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Pipe Support System

CorroBolt™ & CorroRod™

The Technology

Crevice corrosion at pipe supports is one of the major causes of external corrosion failures and premature coating failure on piping systems.

Our Pipe Support System consists of a polyolefin based heat shrunk plastic sleeve bonded to the metal to prevent damage on coatings and metal to metal contact during installation.

The support rod is made from thermoplastics, designed and shaped to ensure minimal point of contact. The rod is UV stable, possessing high compressive strength and will not deform under point loads.

Product Benefits

The CorroBolt™ & CorroRod™ pipe support system is a proven solution to the corrosion problem related to pipe supports. The system can be easily inspected after installation. Crevice space is minimized and water will be kept off the pipe adding years to coating system life and greatly reduces maintenance costs.


● Cost effective
● Safe and easy to install
● Zero maintenance
● Adds years to coating system life
● Easily inspected
● Aesthetically pleasant

Product Specifications

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  Download Product Brochure

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